Welcome to Laramie County RECESS!

 Recreation and Enrichment for Christian Educated Super Students!



RECESS is a homeschool support group in Cheyenne, Wyoming and surrounding areas since 1998.

We primarily use a newsletter and this web page to communicate activities and field trips with our members.
We are a Christian group and welcome all who want to be a part of the group from:
Cheyenne, Burns, Hillsdale, Carpenter, Pine Bluffs and surrounding Laramie County areas.

We have ice skating, swimming, roller skating, field trips, bowling, holiday parties and more!

Try us out for yourself, everyone is friendly, helpful and supportive in homeschooling and Christian issues.
We currently have over 100 families in our group!

Membership registrations are on a temporary hold until after a group meeting coming up in November.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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